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13 Things You Probably Never Knew About Salt

Extra salt might be lurking in your meat, even if you cook at home and are very careful

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According to the USDA, about 60 percent of all raw meat and poultry products are injected with or soaked in a salty ­solution. The words “enhanced,” “marinated,” “basted,” or “improved” 
on the packaging can signal the presence 
of salt. To avoid it, 
opt for label wording such as “contains up to 4 percent retained ­water,” says Christy Brissette, RDN, president of 80 Twenty Nutrition. Here are some more surprising food facts that might just change the way you eat.

Sea salt isn’t healthier

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Sea salt may sound healthier than table salt, 
but most sea salts 
contain roughly the same proportion of 
40 percent—as table salt. If you are looking for sodium-free flavoring, try garlic, pepper, oregano, 
sage, rosemary, 
and other spices or herbs.

Always try to reduce your intake

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Even if you 
don’t have 
it’s still a good idea 
to cut down on your salt intake to reduce your blood pressure, according to a 2017 ­review of 185 studies.

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