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13 Polite Habits That Fast Food Employees Secretly Dislike

Letting others pass you while you decide your order

“Please, have an idea of what you want or read the menu before you get in line,” implores Gianetta Palmer, a freelance writer for who worked in food service for eight years. “As a worker in a pizza joint, I would become annoyed with a customer who couldn’t make up their mind. They would stand there reading the menu board until a line formed and then let people move in front of them, apologizing the entire time.” If you do this, you probably think you’re being polite by letting people go in front of you, but the really polite thing to do would be to decide beforehand. Having a customer hovering by the counter, trying to decide, can put the employee in a tough spot. “[Sometimes] I need to move to the back to do something like remove food from the oven, but I can’t leave the counter because I have a ‘potential’ customer,” Palmer told Reader’s Digest.

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