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13 Infused Water Recipes That Will Help You Drink Way More Water

I have a hard time staying hydrated, because I just don’t like plain water that much. I’ll choke it down if I have to, but I always prefer a bit of flavor when I can get it, even if that’s just a splash of juice or a slice of lemon.

It’s clear that I’m not the only one in this boat, because the internet is obsessed with infused waters right now. You’ve probably noticed them at a spa or even in some hotel lobbies, where you can often find water pitchers spiked with slices of refreshing fruits like cucumbers and lemons. In most cases, infused waters don’t contain any added sugar or sodium (other than whatever small amount comes naturally from the steeped ingredients). Infused waters are just as hydrating as regular old water, but way, way tastier. Plus, you get to eat the fruits and veggies when you’re finished!

The best part is that infused water is so simple to make at home—just throw your favorite combination of fruits and herbs, or even vegetables, spices, and seeds, into a pitcher of water and let it steep for a few hours or overnight.

If hydrating always feels like a chore to you, too, these 13 infused water recipes will make the whole process a lot more palatable. Whether you’re looking for a minty number to freshen up your breath, a fruity option with subtle sweetness, or something that’s more savory (and even spicy), these infused water ideas will show you that water definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

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