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13 Foods Cashiers Secretly Judge You for Ordering

Like it or not, the contents of your grocery cart or a drive-thru order at a beloved fast food joint may pique the interest of the cashier at the register. These are the items most often judged by cashiers—and what they’re really thinking.

Breaking down bagel toppings

Homemade bagels with a variety of seeds on a gray background, top view. Food background.Kiian Oksana/shutterstock

True, everyone’s palate is a little different, but one former bagel store employee cringed at a few eyebrow-raising combinations customers ordered. “I would always judge people ordering tuna on a cinnamon raisin bagel because the thought of that flavor combination made my stomach lurch,” says Cheryl C. of Massachusetts. “Or peanut butter and jelly on a garlic bagel.”

Subs made your way

Submarine sandwich with ham and cheese. Top viewRoman Debree/Shutterstock

The beauty of a sandwich shop like Subway is that you can ask for whatever combo of meats, cheeses, or veggies you like. Just keep in mind that sandwich artist behind the counter may not think so highly of your creativity. “This used to gross me out—a meatball/seafood sub,” says former employee Jennifer S. of Florida. “How is that good?” Still, having an array of options may be how Subway became the world’s biggest chain restaurant.

You’ve got SPAM

Spam meat frying in pan.Joe Gough/shutterstock

Chances are if your grocery store cashier didn’t grow up eating a certain item, they may not find certain canned items to be as much of a delicacy as you do. “When I was a cashier at Foodtown, I frowned upon SPAM,” says Jackie R. of New Jersey. Keep in mind more than 6 billion cans of SPAM have been sold since its introduction, so keep keeping on, canned ham lovers.

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