10 Pieces of Anti-Aging Advice You Should Definitely Ignore

There’s a lot of misleading information out there, especially when it comes to fighting signs of aging. Feel free to disregard these claims.

Washing your face more than once a day will lead to wrinkles


Any dermatologist will tell you the importance of washing your face twice a day—both in the morning and at night. This is true even on a lazy weekend day when you haven’t left the comfort of your own house. “The World Health Organization has determined that indoor pollution is at higher levels than outdoors,” says Miami, Florida–based dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, MD, cofounder of Dr. Loretta Skincare. “You should wash your face twice daily and directly after exercising to clear your skin of microscopic pollutants before they penetrate and damage deeper layers of skin that can lead to age spots and wrinkles.” Avoid these 22 habits that make you age faster.

The higher the SPF, the better it is for your skin

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Believe it or not, using a sunscreen of SPF 90 is likely no better than using one that’s 50. In fact, according to Dr. Ciraldo, after SPF 45, there is little additional benefit to higher SPF numbers. “The more important factor is to apply an ample amount of SPF product to your skin,” she says. Her best advice is to apply a sunscreen of SPF 45 daily, even on cloudy days, and reapply every two hours to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, which can lead to premature signs of aging.

Running or jumping will accelerate signs of aging on your face and jawline

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If you’re an avid exerciser, don’t listen to this foolish nonsense. Not only is exercise incredibly beneficial for your body and overall health, but it is also great for your skin. “When we begin to exert ourselves physically, the blood vessels in our skin contract or shrink and slow the blood flow to our skin,” explains dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin: The Surprising Science of Looking and Feeling Radiant from the Inside Out. “But as we continue to exercise and our body temperature rises, our blood vessels dilate or become wider, which increases the flow of blood to the skin.” Over the long term, this causes positive changes to the vasculature that supports the skin and keeps the skin young and healthy. Check out these 30 anti-aging secrets that could add years to your life.

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