10 Best Workout Headphones for Exercising in 2020

A little audio assistance can go a long way during a workout, whether you want a little boost of adrenaline or just need the motivation to keep going. One 2020 meta-analysis of 139 previously published studies published in Psychological Bulletin found that music can encourage positive emotions about your workout and make exercise feel less hard, even when you’re going at the same intensity. 

But every fine-tuned playlist requires a great set of headphones to keep those tunes in steady supply, and your everyday earbuds might not be the best for a workout. Ideally you want water-resistant ones that don’t get swampy and filmy after an hour or so of sweating in them, won’t get jostled out of your ears mid burpee, and, importantly, have great sound quality and a reliable battery life (especially if you’re looking for one that will carry you through, say, an entire marathon). Some even have noise-canceling features to help you get in the zone or boast automatic adaptive sound features, which means that the volume in your ears will automatically adjust based on your surroundings (so you can drown out loud noises easily or turn down the sound of your music during conversations).

To get some insight on where to shop, we asked a dozen fitness instructors, coaches, and trainers about which earbuds and over-the-ear options they recommend specifically for movement and exercise. Here, the best workout headphones according to people who’d know.

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